Change IP to Keep Your Children Safe Online

IP stands for Internet Protocol and IP address is the key and the identity tag of the computer linked to the internet. This article will show why it is important to change IP to keep children safe online.

Internet has changed the way we live, work and socialize. Internet and instant communication media is still rapidly redefining how we interact, monitor and guide our kids who generally are more computer and internet savvy than their parents. For children to grow into successful adults, they have to learn all the skills they can to function in this information age where information is available at the click of a mouse with instant global connectivity

The internet is a wonderful educational tool for children. The creative and interactive ways for teaching is immensely helped by the internet and new media technologies. There is a lot of good stuff on the internet, but there is also a lot of really awful stuff too. The Internet can certainly be a dangerous place for youngsters. Kids and teenagers are face frequent threats and allurements from sexual predators and from online scam artists. It is very easy to fool people online. Cyber stalkers & Pedophiles are now present in chat rooms.

Social networking sites like My Space and face Book that got their sustenance from teenagers and young adults has totally changed how kids relate, interact and socialize. It is a phenomenon that still baffles parents. Facebook, cell phone, TV and Internet-that is how preteens and teens congregate and socialize.

Their popularity and being a new place to rendezvous for youngsters means, unsavory characters of all kinds including scammers, pedophiles and even terrorists are not too far away and find these internet spots as their hunting ground.

How has a parent to cope with all this breath taking speed in change in our lives? Developing new parenting skills to guide and nurture the kids in a healthy way is to say the least, challenging. Good parenting has more to do with parental influence rather than parental control. This means parents have to be up to speed with changing times and technology.

However, things aren’t as bad as they might seem from the parents perspective. Society and technology is also empowering us to meet these challenges and the same tools and media technologies are being used by parents to meet the challenge,

Parents are finding that old fashioned way of spending time with kids, communicating with them and setting limits and expectation works wonders. Making computer the center of activity for the whole family to congregate around rather than keep it in basement or kids room helps immensely. Getting involved in offline family activities is still the most potent antidote to let kids lose their ways. So does using filters and parental control software on the computers. Getting involved in the community and public library systems to introduce filters on computers and just staying involved with their kids and be aware of their environment makes a big difference in how the kids themselves can develop healthy understanding of appropriate use of the internet.

However, it is now recognized that just being connected to the internet can put you at the risk of cyber stalkers, hackers and crooks. For them to know your IP address is the first step for their unsavory activities. IP address is like giving out the address and the key to your house to potential burglars.

No matter how much we talk, inform and teach our kids how to protect their information online, it is almost certain that kids will let some information slip. Moreover, it is virtually impossible even for adults to completely protect themselves against hacking, intrusion and information and identity theft, without making extraordinary efforts.

However, technology has again come to the rescue to meet this challenge. Since IP address is what identifies your computer on the internet you can Change IP to fool these undesirables. The technology of using IP Changer Software and use of multiple Proxy Servers allows one to surf the internet anonymously. So if the kid says that their school mascot is a “whatever”, and the IP address points to a different part of the country, it makes it harder for predators to find the children.

Three Ways to Fix Runtime Errors on Slow Internet Explorer

Have you been annoyed and troubled by the continuously popping up runtime errors which are trying to prevent you from visiting a website, downloading a program online, and even watching the football games online. If you do, the following tasks are what you should to fix up the slow Internet Explorer on your problematic computer.

#1. Reset the Internet Explorer itself under the IE Tool

– Remove Temporary Internet files and Cookies by going to Tools,Internet Options.
– Disable the Add-ons in IE browser.
– Reset Internet Explorer Start and Search Page by changing the web settings.
– Disable AutoComplete.
– Clean up the Internet Explorer History Folder also by going History under Tools, Internet Options
– Taking Advantage of IE’s Security Zones by opening Internet Explorer.

#2. Free up the space to run the IE browser by removing the toolbar of Google.
– Go to the Start Menu.
– Select Control Panel and click on Add or Remove Programs
– Highlight the Google Toolbar and select Remove.
– Follow the onscreen steps to finish the removal.
– Closed all the running programs on your system and reboot your computer to take effect.

#3 Run a virus scan on your computer to detect any malware or spyware which slipped into and corrupted your running IE browser by making misleading runtime errors. Those errors could be disastrous if you choose to ignore them.

#4 Run a registry scanner to clean up the corrupted registry information which could be produced by regular install or uninstall of programs, and malware or spyware. Because the invalid or incorrect registry keys are the common roots of all the runtime errors.

Accordingly, to completely resolve the runtime errors of the slow Internet Explorer, a powerful registry repair tool is needed. You can click here to enjoy the good experience to speed up computer as mine.