Paid Search Marketing: What Not to Do As a PPC Beginner?

In recent years, PPC advertising has emerged as a great way to generate huge traffic and drive high volumes of qualified leads. PPC campaigns, when done properly, have great potential to grow any business and acquire valuable customers.

While there are many opportunities for an experienced professional to leverage, and expand the reach of one’s website through strategic PPC campaigns, the intricate paid search realm is not as welcoming and merciful to beginners. Any novice embarking on a PPC journey can fall victim to their own failed campaigns and poor keyword targeting, blowing their budget on unqualified clicks. Although it may take some time to familiarise with the ins and outs of PPC advertising, beginners can always learn through practice, experimentation and mistakes they make along the path.

So, highlighted below are three of the most common blunders that inept PPC professionals and business owners make and you would certainly want to avoid when starting out.

#1. Inconsistent Logins

It’s often observed that businesses create an AdWords account and advertising campaign and do not bother to log in for weeks. Simple logic? One must log in to their AdWords account as frequently as possible and manage it efficiently to see the intended results.

#2. Overlooking Mobile Traffic

If you’ve been thinking that ad campaigns aren’t really effective on mobile devices, you might want to rethink your idea. Give the rapid and constant increase in the number of mobile users and internet usage, mobile traffic has actually become more valuable for many business operating online. Make sure your ad campaigns are optimised for mobile devices so as to drive huge traffic to your website and improve conversion rates.

#3. Skipping Over Split-Test

Are you? Launching a PPC campaign without testing it may bring your all your efforts undone. It is important to run a conventional A/B marketing test on your ads before they hit the web. This will help you determine which of your PPC ads is attains the highest click-through and on-site conversion rates.

Avoiding these common yet deadly mistakes could save you a lot of time, money and effort. Moreover, unless you are an expert yourself, PPC campaign management is best left on industry experts. There are a number of PPC experts out there who indulge in strategic PPC advertising practices and leverage the latest in technology and tools to run successful PPC campaigns. However, to ensure the best out of your PPC approach, one would need to hire a certified, experienced professional or firm specialising in paid search advertising and marketing.

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